The Star

I stare into a happy abyss;
a blanket of stars
but there’s an empty breeze that blows,
so cold and harsh it leaves me hollow.

There’s a glimmer in the sky.
I know it’s you
because you walk a path of stars
once I can only dream to tread on.

Even the inky blackness of the Universe
cannot devour your radiant light
and the North Star writhes in envy
while all eyes gaze into your beauty.

On the ground I cannot reach you
but still I try and extend my fingers
only to greet an empty promise,
a broken dream, a faded memory.

Then one day you shall fall
and burn brighter than Apollo.
You’ll crumble into dust – into nothing
but no tears shall fall past my eyes.

See, if I couldn’t touch you,
couldn’t hear you while you sit on the sky
how can I do the same
when you’re on the ground?

It’s simple, really –
I am a human – simple and weak –
you are a star, can’t you see?
we were never meant to be.