The Creature

I have heard tales

of creatures like you,

with voices soft and tender

and eyes, deep and sombre.

But you are no nightingale,

a mellifluous song you do not sing.

For every note’s a sticky web

that drags and pulls with no contempt.

A siren – some might say you are

and I’m the sailor caught and killed,

tossed to float down into the sea

with dead eyes staring at your ethereal beauty.

Are Death’s hands colder than yours

or is there warmth in those bones?

Will my heart skip at its embrace

or like Icarus, will I crash and burn?

Yes I have heard tales of creatures like you

Yet a creature does not stand before me

but a man – a human

because even creatures do not treat love coldly.

My Current Project

Every year, just after September, I set myself a project to complete–whether it be a set of poems written, an act of a play or a novel/short story. This year, my project is going to be a novel.

It’s basically a crime/thriller novel with a sense mystery incorporated into it, too. It’ll be online and available to read as I go along and it is free to read on the website Wattpad. I’ll post the link to it below for anyone who wants to read it. Why post it online in chapters instead of writing it fully? Well, because it gives me motivation. Online readers will comment on a chapter and maybe even like it and I get motivated to write.

I think E-books and Online reading are becoming more popular day-by-day so I better use the trend to my advantage, no?

Anyway, here’s the link for you guys who would want to read it. (I hope there are some.) I’m open to constructive criticism, too. So don’t be shy to say what you think could be improved and, maybe, what parts you liked. The story will be regularly updated, too.

Book Recommendations?

This isn’t really a blog post but more of a ‘help me’ post.

I’ve basically finished everything that’s on my reading list and now I’ve been searching the web and book sites for something worth reading. I’m really into YA novels, especially dystopian ones, and some romance and sci-fi and possibly action/fantasy genre books I wouldn’t mind reading.

So, if you guys have read anything good and would like to recommend it to me, please comment it below.

P.S – Just to say what books I’ve read recently that could give you an idea of what I like:

Maze Runner

The Hunger Game Series

Divergent Series


The Ghost Files

Eeny Meeny

Lord of the Flies

The Picture of Dorian Gray

Never give up

As we all know, I’ve always wanted to be a writer in the future – whether that be as a YA author or writing about crime and reporting about murders. My family, however, was settled on me doing a much more practical and financially stable job such as Dentistry or Medicine. They worried that the path I’m taking is too risky and that I might not make it.

I say: stuff that.

Everything in this world is competitive and risky. Last time I checked, medicine is one of the most competitive courses going, so why should I risk doing that when I hate it and might not even get in? I could be pursuing a dream I actually like and enjoy doing. It makes no difference.

Well, today was a day I proved my parents and family wrong. As I’ve said, I’ve recently entered a writing competition on a writing platform. Today, the contest holders whittled down the thousands of entries to 20 finalists. And mine made that finals list.

My mum was proud and so was my dad, and even though I know I still might not win, it’s shown them that, yes, I do have a shot at this and I shouldn’t be wasting it on doing something I hate; that, yes, I know I might not be ready for publishing and so on, but I’m getting there. Just give me time and give me your trust.

So, my achievement today is not just for me. It’s for those who feel like they aren’t good enough. It’s for those who feel pressured by their parents to do something they hate. It’s for those who feel like the risk is just not worth it. It’s for those who feel like their dream will forever be just that–a dream. Keep going, and don’t look back. Your silver lining could just be beyond the horizon.

“Life is not about surviving the storm; it is about learning to dance in the rain.”

Relationship and Breaking Up

Today I found out that one of my closest friends just got out of a very serious relationship. She was dead upset and was incessantly crying because, hey, she thought the guy loved her if he’s been with her for a year and a half. But simplicity is a ghost fading in Life’s mind; it no longer exists. Emotions are selfish little bastards that do what they please, and if Love wants to find someone new then it can’t be helped.

I’m grateful the guy told her the truth instead of making her continue to love a pretence because even though she’s in great emotional pain right now, she’ll soon step off this stepping stone and walk one stop closer to finding the right guy. Life will always surge forward and pain stops and goes. Don’t let it hold you back from finding your greater perhaps.

I did what best I could to cushion the pain but no brand of ice cream or overly clichéd romantic film can glue back the tear that spills your heart out onto the floor. I gave her a hug and she cried a lot. I let her lie on my lap and she cried a lot. I talked to her and she cried a lot.

You see: tears are the words we dare not say; the emotions we dare not feel; the human in us we dare not show. It is not a sign of weakness but a plea for understanding.

She knows me to be a guy who can recite a quote for any situation and she actually asked me for one to help ease the pain and reassure her that there will be other lovers in her life who will love her just as this guy did and maybe even love her more. But to say that with certainty is dangerous because Love is a savage beast that cannot be tamed; unpredictable and merciless.

Anyway, I gave her one of my personal favourite quotes which I still believe in and practice to this day and hope it can inspire you guys to keep on loving even when your heart spits at the idea:

“There is no remedy for love but to love more.” – Henry David Thoreau

Breaking Free – My contest entry

I have been away for far too long, I know. However, I did so with good intention. Over the last month or two, I’ve been away to the US, attending my cousin’s wedding – crying a lot during it, too – and just having some time off. I’ve also been planning a short story that I’ve recently entered in a contest on the well-known writing platform ‘Wattpad’.

But I’m back! and ready to blog a lot more.

If you’d like to check out my story then I’ll provide a link to the book below, but here’s a small paragraph of the story to help make your mind up:

She gapes as multi-coloured fireworks fly off into the sky and resonate a loud boom that leaves a thump of excitement ricocheting off her ribcage and around her heart. She’s so engrossed in the moment, she doesn’t notice Rory’s smooth hands sliding into hers, fingers slowly latching over one another. Rory revels in how the fireworks exposes the golden flecks within Jess’ irises – like the child within Jess has been revived – and his eyes linger a little too long on her candy lips that shine to the exploding colours of the sky.

If you do check it out, I thank you in advance.

Catch you soon!