Look at me

Look at me
And tell me what you see.
Am I a human being
Or a minion to bid Satan’s doing?

Is it who I love that defines me
And not the person you all see,
Who tries and tries to live in peace
While prejudice knocks him on his knees.

Are the sins that I commit
Greater than the ones you don’t admit?
Is my ‘race’ of ‘aids-giving people’
worthy to be always known as evil?

Am I unable to love and treasure
Just because I love the same gender?
Do I not have a heart that beats like yours
And hurts when you yell “go to hell”, of course!

So look at me
and tell me what you see
because in this world –
I’m losing my identity

A Storm

Like a storm he came,
Blowing away my thoughts
That love was nothing but a game,
And his words of love; his confession
Were howling gales upon raging currents
That tore my walls I placed for protection.

And I–the stupid fool,
Embraced the storm with all its rage;
Ignored my one and only rule
To never let somebody in.
For a storm does not heal nor mend,
It shatters and it breaks
And destroys until the end.