The Difference in Writing then to now.


Everyone has heard of or read these books. You can’t have not heard of it, it’s impossible. These are the treasures of those who love literature, and for good reason too. The old authors and writers use to tackle problems faced by the public in those days, for example: the act of racism and the position of women in the Victorian period. They were books that pushed boundaries and made people think, and, yes, some people hated the books for the subtext the stories encompassed, but that opened their eyes and made them really think about how people were treated. Now most readers miss these kind of stories, they missed writing on a theme that challenges the society we live in.


So what happened?

Well, now, in the world we are living in, reading should no longer make us think and should be an activity created to have fun and enable us to attach ourselves to the characters in the book. It should be mentally relaxing, not engaging; it should incite our creativity and encourage people to be imaginative. So came the classics of our age, such as: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings and Divergent. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the old classics and the modern classics. I find myself sitting on the fence, enjoying both the views I’m provided.)

The real question is: Is literature forever gone? Or will it come back?


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